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Why people want a separate Telengana state

By 24X7Cineworld - Saturday, 19 November 2011

Politically a separate state of Telengana is needed. It is needed to attain peace and prosperity. Some people are of the false opinion that the development of the state will stop if we have a separate state, development and prosperity is no way linked to this. In the article '108 Facts about Telangana - need and justification' we can see the facts what we are lossing. Below are the few points ' Why we need separate state'
  • The corruption levels in and around Hyderabad has increased 100% or even more in the past 7 years, due to the migration. There are Telengana and Andhra groups in every department of the government. The Andhra's moved ahead because of the cooperation among them and the feeling of oneness among them. This is clearly lacking with in us. The support for a separate state, this does not mean that asking the Andhra people to go away or leave their business behind. There is nothing stopping them to live in Hyderabad.
  • We must also note the fact that all the agreements done at the time of merger of two regions in 1958 were deliberately ignored and Telangana (except hyderabad ) was pushed into poverty.
  • The present agitation is not done alone by KCR or any political party; this is the inner feeling of any Telengana fellow living in Hyderabad. This is massive agitation done voluntarily by students, lawyers, doctors and all the sections of people. Its high time that Telangana be declared as saperate state
  • Linguistic state means that all the people possessing same language should be in one region, but it does not mean that they all should be in a same state, and this is not possible. Separation is the democratic desire. Being united forcefully is imperialism. Today, all over the country wave/demand for small states has cropped up. This legitimate fight for creation of TELENGANA with Hyderabad as its capital, within the legal confines of Indian Constitution, has had a voice since the time of Indian Independence.
  • The 400 years of existence as a separate entity ( Hyderabad State ) under the rule of Nizam, before independence, automatically grants us the right to demand a separate state.
  • 10 out of these 15 chief ministers till date have come from the non-Telengana regions of Andhra Pradesh either from Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The last chief minister from the Telangana region was in power as far back as 1990's. While the dominance of chief ministers from the non-Telangana regions has always been there and this is the reason why except for capital city of Hyderabad none of the other Telegnaga regions have improved. This clearly shows that the Telegana movement is not hollow.
  • Nagarjuna Sagar dam lies in Telangana region. While the original plan included two canals, one to arid and dry Telangana, and the other to the fertile and inundated Andhra region, only one canal was constructed towards Andhra region, while Telangana continued to remain arid, dry and impoverished. All the recommendations that forced the government to construct the new canal were struck down by the majority and partisan Andhra leaders. The coal mines and power plant of Singareni lie in Telangana region, but the backward districts of Telangana get no power. There are thousands of villages and towns in Telangana where they get two hours of power during entire summer, while people of Andhra experience small inconveniences.
  • With examples like this discrimination is seen in irrigation, in industry, in roads, in canals, in dams, in energy, in education and in employment.
  • There was consistent and methodical discrimination against people of Telangana for all these years. Newer generation of Andhra and Rayalaseema who had no role in this discrimination find it hard to understand why Telangana people protest for a new state. They have absolutely no idea what has happened in the past and see the present situation in isolation and conclude that Telangana people are brainwashed by their wily and cunning politicians.
# Why a separate Telangana? Aren't you happy being part of Andhra Pradesh?
History: In 1947, India got Independence . In 1948, Indian Army ousted Nizam of Hyderabad to include Hyderabad and its regions into India . In 1953, Andhra was formed (from Madras State ) as a state under Reorganization of States based on linguistic lines. In 1956, Telangana was merged with Andhra though there was a demand for a separate state of Telangana. In 1956, there were protests in Hyderabad for Telangana which was quelled by police killing some of the protestors. Ther reasons for separate Telangana are plenty. The outline of some of them here:
  • Telangana is less developed compared to Andhra.
  • Rivers like Krishna and Godavari flow through Telangana, but the water from the dams are sent to Andhra.
  • Because of less literacy and backwardness of Telangana people, most of the new jobs, postings in government and education are given to people from Andhra.
  • Except for common language, the people of Andhra and Telangana have different dialects, histories, cultural systems, different food habits
In 1969, there was a major revolt in Telangana region by students, professors, government employees, politicians and many others demanding a separate state. The movement was quashed- many were jailed. Some of the politicians got reassurances and politicians from central leaders to some of their demands and everything was hushed up. Over the last thirty years, none of those reassurances and promises was kept. Some of those assurances were turned down by the court as well. The region is still reeling under strong Andhra influence in all phases of social, educational, economic and cultural life. There is a renewed struggle for a separate state now. TRS is a political party which is exploiting this sentiment.
# Aren't Naxalites fighting for Telangana using guns?
No. Naxalites have a different agenda. They fight for achieving equal social and economic status through redistribution of wealth and land, and offering justice and opportunity to the backward classes. Their fight is seen wherever there is poverty and inequality in wealth- like Orissa, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, etc (most of these regions happen to be under Nizam before Independence ) and is not confined to Telangana alone.
# How will a new state benefit people of Telangana?
  • Right now the coal is mined and electricity is produced in Telangana but most of it is supplied to Andhra region, while districts of Medak and Adilabad have four hours of electricity during the day during summer. In the new state, these districts will be fed with electricity.
  • The rivers of Krishna and Godavari flow through Telangana, and the dams are in Telangana, but the canals carrying the water go to Andhra. In the new state, there would be new canals bringing water to the arid regions of Telangana bringing in prosperity to the farmers and local population.
  • Most of the jobs, in government and education, are filled up by people from Andhra. In the new state, these jobs will go the local population.
# Did the other new states benefit?
Yes. Uttaranchal has introduced many sops for new industries because of which many industries are being set up in that state. Chattisgarh has opened up its university to many people from India and is now for the first time introducing electricity to the interior regions. Jharkand which supplied Bihar with most of the raw materials now has its own industry and income.
# What is the rationale for new states?
When one state has two economically and culturally different regions, one being prosperous and the other backward, if corrective measures are not taken to uplift that backward region, there is a great danger that only the prosperous region gets all the attention, funding, new industries, canals, and opportunities, while the people of backward region keep losing out, even in their own region. When such a condition prevails far too long, strong corrective measures are to be taken, and if that does not work, a new state is one of the best solutions.


Why are we hearing separate Telangana slogan again?
The demand for a separate state of Telangana isn't new. Telanganites have very clearly expressed their opposition a decade before Andhra Pradesh was formed. They reasoned that in a united Andhra Pradesh they will not get justice. Even after five decades, this demand is continuing. The reason for this is the experience of past 48 years that justice will not be done to Telangana and belief that it will continue to be denied to Telanganites in united AP. (Please see pages112 -117 for historical facts).

Isn't Telangana slogan the creation of unemployed politicians?
Telangana demand is a peoples' movement born out of their problems. Are all the people robbed unabatedly, continuously for the 48-years and raising their voice again , unemployed political leaders? Who are the unemployed political Leaders? Are they the farmers that have been suffering for lack of drinking water, irrigations water, and cuts in electric supply? Are they the workers who lost their livelihood due to lack of new industries, and closure of existing industries? Are they the unemployed youth whose job opportunities are hijacked by outsiders? Are they the innumerable people who have been labeled and suppressed as terrorists because they raised their voice for Telangana? When people are subject to robbery and injustice and take to the streets, it is natural for leaders to enter the fray. Just because out of power politicians support Telangana statehood, does it stop being peoples' movement? In any movement, politicians in and out of power join in. Some even deceive and attempt to side line the movement, but they can't stop the movement. Movements continue until justice is served to the people. The educated that are the pillars of this movement aren't unemployed. They aren't even after employment for themselves.

Why didn't the Chief Ministers that came from Telangana area work to develop Telangana?
It is true that PV Narasimha Rao, Marri Chenna Reddy (twice), T. Anjiah from Telangana were Chief Ministers of AP. Altogether they were in power for 6-years in four terms. It is also true they haven't made any noticeable development of Telangana. Jalagam Vengal Rao was a settler. He never assimilated himself in Telangana. He is credited with the disservice to Telangana by extending Nagarjun Sagar left canal. Then what about, Rayala Seema? There were stalwarts from Rayala seems that were in power for twenty years. (N. Sanjeeva Reddy-2terms, Damodaram Sanjeeviah, K. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy-2 terms, CB Naidu-2 terms). Why is Rayalaseema backward? Fact is they slaved for the Coastal Andhra wealth and the privileged few of these wealthy that control the politics of the state. Fazal Ali commission recognized the consequences of mixing a developed area with a backward area and recommended that Telangana be kept as a separate state. If this country's politicians had the wherewithal to listen to the wise men, we wouldn't be in this situation!

Isn't it detrimental to Indian national unity if small states are continuously created?
Out of the 35 states currently in India (28 states and 7 central possessions), 70% are smaller than Telangana. Telangana's population is 30 million plus. There are 25 states that are smaller than Telangana. If these twenty-five don't cause national unity issues, why would creation of a larger state be any dangerous? (See P119-120 for details)

What would you do if the backward districts in Telangana want a separate state of their own after formation of Telangana state?
Backwardness of Telangana is a major reason for the Telangana state demand but not the sole reason. All ten Telangana districts have same historical background, geographic closeness, cultural commonality, language unity, and mutual understanding among the people. These factors are all foundation for unity of thought. Never did the people of Telangana districts express a desire or sentiment to be separate from the rest of the districts directly or indirectly. There isn't an opportunity for such either. In our country there are some other backward districts in various states. Are they all demanding a separate statehood? It is meaning less and baseless argument.

Why do people with one language need two states?
If one language, one state is the norm, why do we have 9-Hindhi speaking states? Next to Hindi, Telugu is the most spoken language in India. What is wrong with having two states that speak Telugu? Some people claim that Telangana Telugu isn't the proper Telugu. Some others say it isn't even Telugu. Why should these people that make fun of Telangana language and ridicule its culture should be objecting if Telangana is separate state?

Isn't a separate state, a nation dividing, people separating, demand?
If the desire of a people of a region to have their own state is a divisive act, then all states formation is a divisive act. In fact language based state formation itself is a divisive act. Same reasons that Potti Sriramulu the architect for separation of Andhra from Madras state, presented are the reasons Telanganites want their own state. The same argument used by the Andhras in the past is used by Telanganites now. If it was not an objectionable demand then how could it be objectionable now?

How long should states division continue?
Staes re-organization is a continuing activity in India. Even before Fazal Ali commission this process has started, Example: Formation of Andhra, split from Madras. It has been continuing ever since, Ex: Eastern states division, Maharastra,Gujrath, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jarkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisghad. Why should there be any objections for Telangana formation when there were no such objections for these states formation?

There are other backward areas in the state. Why should only Telangana people have a separate state of their own?
Just as Telangana, Rayalaseema and north Andhra have been discriminated. True. But, additionally Telangana has been systemically robbed. Diversion of this regions natural resources, water, under ground resources and their income to other areas, the robbing of jobs from the region's people, Colonization aren't directed at other areas. Additionally the Telanganites have been subject to ridicule with respect to the language and the politicians have been looked down upon to the extent they lost their own self image. To preserve their self respect and to protect their region's natural resources, people of Telangana want their own state.
Instead of asking for a separate state, why can't you fight for development within the frame work of united AP?
The promises of Telangana development have been made for the past 48 years in united AP. Before and after the formation of AP, Which promises were kept? Which agreements were respected? Which projects were implemented? Which principles were they bound to? From the first day of AP formation, till to-day, agreements are being broken. What were the united AP wishers do? Did they even express any concerns? How long should the Telangana people bear this and put up with this injustice?

Isn't separate Telangana state an anti-Andhra people's movement?
Emphatically, no. Telangana people don't bear any animosity against the coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema people or the ordinary migrants from those areas to Telangana. Telangana people's anger is with: The rulers that are raping Telangana resources. With their supporters in Andhra and also from Telangana. Those that came to Telangana and think they are the rulers of Telangana. Those that control the state Government with their financial strength and rob Telangana. Those that ridicule, Telangana language, culture and their mannerisms. All those that become a part of Telangana and share in the happiness and sorrow of Telangana with the locals are welcomed and, respected and loved.

What is there to be gained by the SC, ST and weaker sections in separate Telangana?
What did these groups gain in united AP in 48 years? Apart from Sanjeeviah being CM for few months, when did any of these classes have any power? What is the status of these peoples leadership? What is the attitude of current Congress, BJP, both the communist parties, TDP? Not only the weaker sections, even the forward classes of Telangana, do they have any opportunity to exert any real power? For these classes to gain power they have to become active. For the past few years these people are rising, becoming active. No matter how active they become, in the united AP, not only these but other classes of people will also not progress. At least the forward class in Telangana have come to realization that it is unavoidable in the society for all people to a rightful share in the political power. Because of this there is opportunity in Separate Telangana for true democracy represented by all people, to prevail.

Andhras have built Hyderabad. Is it fair to ask them to leave it now?
Hyderabad was a beautiful city built by Nizam on the sweat of Telangana villagers. One of the reasons Andhras eyed Telangana was Hyderabad- a ready made beautiful Capitol city. It was fifth largest city before AP was formed and it still is fifth largest city. If Andhras contributed to Hyderabad, it was not out of love for Telangana but was for the convenience of the rich Andhras that have made Hyderabad their home. Hydearabd is still growing but not from Andhras coming to settle but from the middle classes and forward classes of Telangana moving to the city for security and for services and livelihood, as the village economy in Telangana is all but destroyed by neglect of the ruling class, and failure of monsoons. Besides, nobody is asking anybody to leave any place. India is a free country and anybody can go and stay and pursue their livelihood anywhere in India. Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan city and people from many languages and all states of India call it their home. Also, this isn't a separation of people like Pakistan and India. It is merely a separation of political and administrative machinery so people of Telangana can control their own destiny. The settlers are welcome to stay, contribute and share in the success of Telangana

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